Why Write Erotic Romance?

I am frequently asked, “Why write erotic romance?” The answer is simple, “because I can’t sing or dance.”

But seriously folks…

The road to why I write erotic romance is a personal one. I want to write the next, GREAT, fantasy novel. I want to be the next JRR Tolkien or George RR Martin. I have a setting and characters in my head, and even have snippets of storyline zinging back and forth up there that begs to be told. But putting a cognitive story down on paper has been a struggle (a ten year struggle). I admit it! I haven’t been able to put all the pieces together in a way that I feel is worth the effort. So I tried what every other self-conscience writer has tried when struggling with the genre of choice – I  wrote something completely out of my comfort zone.

In came my first story of erotica. I had scanned the internet and read some of the examples offered out there by a myriad of authors. After reading a few, poorly written, fantasies of the flesh, I thought, “I can do that!” So I wrote my first sex story, and I’m telling you, it was raw, rough, overburden with details that added nothing to the story (and more importantly – killed the mood), and really didn’t do much for me personally. Hey – shouldn’t your own work have a similar effect on you that others get from reading it? (Blushing) Well, I think it should.

Needless to say – I didn’t like my attempt too much, however, I sensed there was something there worth trying again. So I wrote my second story of erotica, only this time, I changed several technical aspects.

1)      I wrote in first person

2)      I wrote from the opposite sex’s perspective – this challenged me to THINK while I wrote

3)      I took from my own experiences – and fantasies (blushing again) – and

4)      Told a tale that had real meat to it (oops – pun intended).

When I finished, I had 4500 words that told a story from start to finish; had tension and suspense, build up and climax (yes another pun) followed by resolve; had characters the reader would care about; and left me surprisingly breathless at the end as if I were reading another author’s work.

I posted this story on a popular web site catering to writers and readers of erotica, and it gained a surprising following. I had FANS! Their feedback, some frank and some better suited for locker room conversations, encouraged me to try again. Thus, another story was written and quickly posted. More feedback, even the raunchy style, came in and gave me a positive outlook on my accomplishments. But I wasn’t completely happy.

I didn’t like writing like everyone else was – pure erotica (some may call it written porn). While the technical changes I made earlier had served me well, I wanted to stand out more. Most would just write more sex, but I decided I wanted to write stories, love stories or super fantasies, that were stories first with sex properly used for accent/effect. This is how I came to decide that Erotic Romance was a better description of what I was writing: Pretty much just turning up the heat on a delightful story of love that takes the love scenes appropriately to a PG-13 or even XXX level. The sex isn’t the story; it’s a byproduct of it.

So I’ve found my voice, as it is. I’ve written some stories that nearly reach the level of quality that I dream of, and with the continued support and accolades flowing in from my posted stories, I think that Erotic Fiction is not only easier for me to write, but, more fun to create as well. I stumbled upon writing erotica out of frustration; I continue to write erotica (erotic romance) for the satisfaction.

Why do YOU write Erotica (of any style?)


Welcome to my world

I am a writer.

        I am a dreamer.

                I am a mentor – to some.

                        I am a blogger?

                                 ….(we’ll see) 

  Welcome to the first of who knows how many entries there will be on my new blog. My intent is to share insight on writing Erotic Romance, and writing in general. I don’t claim to be an “all-knowing” sage when it comes to writing. I can only offer my experiences and opinions on what I consider to be good writing practices. 

  I am not a “technical” person. I couldn’t tell you what a dangling participle is (at least, not by name) nor will I claim to know what “writing more visceral” means. These are big words that educated people understand. 


  …plain and simple. If people like what they read, it’s certainly not because I know what a predicate pronoun is, or, what assonance means. It’s because I spin a good yarn.

  Having said all that, let’s see where the blogging path will take us and enjoy this adventure together. I hope to inspire many of you to become good writers (in whatever genre you choose) and especially – quality writers of Erotic Romance.